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Budget Toolkit


How to use the toolkit:

This toolkit was created by the Grassroots Collaborative for parents, students, and other community members to start a dialogue about the revenue crisis. Included is a copy of the “Spending Crisis or Revenue Crisis?” PowerPoint presentation in English and Spanish, an example flyer, and a document with tips on what to do after your presentation. These tools will help you plan a workshop in your neighborhood.

About the PowerPoint presentation:

This PowerPoint presentation is divided into multiple sections. The first section discusses the connection between income inequality and Illinois’ regressive tax structure. Then, the presentation discusses the role that corporate tax loopholes have played in the revenue crisis and the link between bank profits and government spending. After detailing the role of the 1% and corporations in the revenue crisis, the PowerPoint discusses the effects of the issue in our communities by looking at the cuts to social services across the state. Two states, Minnesota and Wisconsin, are compared to see the difference between taking the “low road” and “high road” regarding a progressive state budget. Finally, the presentation breaks down Rauner’s proposed “Turnaround Agenda” and contrasts his proposals to existing campaigns and legislation aimed at improving the lives of working families in Illinois.

This workshop is perfect for…

  • Church/Synagogue/Temple groups
  • Student organizations
  • Union meetings
  • Community meetings
  • Office meetings

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